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Apache Rifles (1964) DVD - Audie Murphy

Apache Rifles (1964) DVD - Audie Murphy
Apache Rifles (1964) DVD - Audie Murphy
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Apache Rifles (1964) DVD (Region One Playable in US, Canada, Mexico, etc.) Shown in original aspect ratio 1.85:1 Color Approx. 92 min. Beautiful.

Starring: Audie Murphy, Michael Dante, Linda Lawson, L. Q. Jones, Ken Lynch, Joseph Vitale, Robert Brubaker, Eugene Iglesias, J. Pat O'Malley and John Archer

Directed by William Witney Produced by Grant Whytock Screenplay by Charles B. Smith Story by Kenneth Gamet and Richard Schayer Music by Richard LaSalle Cinematography Archie R. Dalzell

In the Arizona Territory in 1879, Captain Jeff Stanton (Audie Murphy) takes command of a cavalry unit tasked with returning the Apaches to their reservation. The Mescaleros Apaches, led by chief Victorio (Joseph Vitale), have left the reservation and openly attacked farmers, gold miners and settlers who trespassed on their lands. During a skirmish, Captain Stanton captures Red Hawk (Michael Dante), the son of the chief, and uses him to bargain for a truce. Stanton promises to chief Victorio to see that gold miners and settlers are kept off Indian lands. However, some greedy townsfolk and disfranchised gold miners plot to break the uneasy truce. They murder the Indian agent and blame the Apaches. They complain to Washington D.C. about Captain Stanton's negotiated truce. Stanton is replaced by Colonel Perry (John Archer) who intends to use a heavy hand in subduing the Apaches. The consequence of this strategy change proves disastrous.

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