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The Foxes Of Harrow

The Foxes Of Harrow
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The Foxes Of Harrow DVD (Region 1) Black & White. Rex Harrison, Maureen O'Hara, Victor McLaglen, Vanessa Brown, Hugo Haas.

In 1827 New Orleans, a transplanted Irishman (Rex Harrison), who was the bastard son of the daughter of a nobleman, falls in love with the strong willed, stubborn daughter (Maureen O'Hara) of an aristocratic Creole family. He is determined to marry the girl and build an empire and a dynasty for their son. But her strong will is what will prevent their marriage from ever being truly happy. Based on the best seller by Frank Yerby (the first million-seller novel by an African-American), this is an old fashioned historical drama of the Old South that plays out like a good and juicy page turner. This film has some startling (for its time) moments as when, a proud slave attempts to kill her child rather than letting it grow up to be a slave or when a white woman takes a black child to replace the son she's lost. Joseph LaShelle's crisp cinematography and a rousing score by David Buttolph further elevate this sweeping, epic saga.

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