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Saved by the Light (DVD) 1995 Eric Roberts Newly reduced

Saved by the Light (DVD)  Eric Roberts Newly reduced (limited)
Saved by the Light (DVD) Eric Roberts Newly reduced (limited)
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Saved by the Light 1995 Color DVD Region One (Playable in North America: The US, Canada, Mexico, etc.)

Starring: Eric Roberts, Lynette Walden, K Callan, Don Harvey, Ted Manson and Don McManus. Written by John Mandel. Based on the best-selling novel by Dannion Brinkley. Directed by Lewis Teague.

The movie begins in Aiken, South Carolina in 1975. Dannion Brinkley (Eric Roberts) is a Vietnam vet who works as a deliveryman in his parentís store. A young man with a dark side, he is unfaithful to his loving wife Casey (Lynette Walden) and bullies everyone else around him, even the residents of a retirement home. His mother (K Callan) expresses disgust with him after he beats up a poor man who shoplifted some items from their store. She tells him she thought she raised him with a heart and that his rage is like a terrible sickness. The angry young man's life takes a dramatic turn when he is struck by lightning while talking on the phone. Pronounced dead at the hospital, he miraculously revives, after taking an amazing trip to the other side between life and death. A being of light tells him that love makes a difference and shows Dannion the effects that his rage has had on those he hurt from those he bullied on the playground to those he fought in Vietnam. The voice tells him to look at a future without hope and Dannion is shown a collage of images involving natural disasters, famine, poverty and war. The voice tells him this bleak future need not be. The near death experience has a transformative effect on Dannion and he tries to make amends with his parents, wife and the others he has made suffer. He treats the man he had previously beaten up for shoplifting to dinner. Brinkley strikes up a friendship with "near death" expert Doctor Raymond Moody (Don McManus) who tries to help him understand his experience.

*Please be aware that this is archive material, the best available and most enjoyable, however one should not expect state-of-the-art re-mastered quality - but it is a treasure for those who truly wish to experience this rare and moving, true-life spiritual journey.