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The Miracle (1959) DVD

The Miracle (1959) DVD
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The Miracle (1959) DVD Full frame Color Approx. 121 minutes (Region 1 - Playable in North America - The US, Canada, Mexico, etc.)

Starring: Carroll Baker, Roger Moore, Walter Slezak, Vittorio Gassman Written by: Karl Vollmöller, Frank Butler and Jean Rouverol. Produced Henry Blanke Music by Elmer Bernstein Cinematography by Ernest Haller. Directed by Irving Rapper and Gordon Douglas

Sister Teresa, a novice in a Spanish convent, falls in love with Captain Stuart – a soldier battling the Napoleonic army. When Teresa flees the convent to pursue her true love, a statue of the Virgin Mary comes to life, assuming the position of the absent nun. Believing Captain Stuart to be dead, Teresa marries a gypsy who is killed by his jealous brother. Teresa then falls in love with a bullfighter who meets his fate in the bull ring. Meanwhile, Captain Stuart is lead toward destiny and back to Teresa – and the Battle of Waterloo.

The Miracle is a sweeping romance that speaks to the depths of love and spiritual devotion – photograped in lush Technicolor.