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Funeral In Berlin

Funeral In Berlin
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Funeral In Berlin DVD (Region 1) Widescreen. Color. Michael Caine, Oskar Homolka, Paul Hubschmid.

The sequel to 1965's The Ipcress File, again featuring Michael Caine as author Len Deighton’s reluctant spy Harry Palmer. There's espionage intrigue, easy women (Eva Renzi as Samantha Steel), and gunplay. Against the backdrop of a bombed-out industrial wasteland that was Berlin in the mid-Sixties, Palmer is sent to facilitate the defection of Col. Stock (Oscar Homolka). Numerous sub-plots weave together involving indifferent chief Ross (Guy Doleman from IPCRESS), mission aide Johnnie Volkon (Paul Hubschmid), and the untrustworthy. It all comes down to revealing who's working for whom and who's really defecting in the set-piece funeral of the title. As always, the series keeps you riveted (Ken Russell's OTT Billion Dollar Brain came next) due to the commanding presence of Mr. Caine.

Region One. North American Format. Best In The Web.