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Paris Trout

Paris Trout
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Paris Trout DVD (Region 1) Color. Dennis Hopper, Barbara Hershey, Ed Harris.

The story of an unyielding southern racist, Paris Trout, who murders a young black girl. Paris is so narrow-minded and self-obsessed that he believes that he and his little town are impervious to the laws and mores of a larger world. Paris Trout makes his own harsh rules, including justice by murder, and expects everyone to live by them. Trout is a Southern storekeeper and money lender charging obscene interest rates to the black population. When a black man borrows cash to buy a car from Trout, and the used- up vehicle crashes the same day, he refuses to pay. In response, Trout shoots, without remorse, the man's mother and 12-year-old sister. Trout feels sure that, as a white man, no one will arrest him for the crime -- but he's wrong, and when he's tried for the death of the child, he maintains his innocence, while becoming more and more detached from reality. Adapted from the novel by Pete Dexter.

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