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Sir Henry At Rawlinson End

Sir Henry At Rawlinson End
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Sir Henry At Rawlinson End DVD (Region 1) Color. Trevor Howard, Patrick Magee, Denise Coffey, J.G. Devlin, Harry Fowler, Sheila Reid, Vivian Stanshall.

It's another morning in Rawlinson End, the stately pile in which the beyond-eccentric Sir Henry (Trevor Howard) resides with his wife Flossie (Sheila Reid) and their staff, but as usual he is having trouble getting out of bed. Nothing that shooting the ceiling with a shotgun won't help, and it also attracts the attention of the housekeeper Mrs E (Denise Coffey) who asks him what he wants for breakfast. What Sir Henry really enjoys more than anything is a stiff drink, but he decides to make an excursion into the surrounding countryside, dressed as a gentleman of foreign extraction on a unicycle - an act which attracts the attention of a ghost and two shady characters - the unscrupulous Buller Bullethead (Harry Fowler) and the local reverend (Patrick Magee)...

Vivian Stanshall's classic wacky wonderworld springs to life like a deranged cuckoo clock!

Region One. North American Format.